Boris I. Gorfinkel

SID Senior Member Boris I. Gorfinkel passed away on September 3, 2014, at the age of 88.  Gorfinkel was one of the founders of the Russian electronics industry, a USSR State Prize winner, a professor, and a Doctor of Technical Sciences.

For many years, Gorfinkel led the Saratov Scientific Research Institute, "Volga," making it a leader in Soviet and Russian display technologies. His contributions to the development of the electronics industry were huge. He was a designer of highly reliable receiver-amplifier lamps in Russia, the Soviet Union, Poland, and China. He was also at the forefront of field-effect transistors and integrated circuits, heterolasers, and OLEDs. Under his leadership, domestic vacuum cathode luminescence displays and liquid-crystal displays, field-emission displays, super-bright light sources, and more than 800 types of electronic lamps, indicators, displays, and devices were developed. Production volumes in the USSR and Russia exceeded 2 million units per month. He cooperated with global companies such as Samsung (Korea), Futaba and Noritaki (Japan), Micron (US), Philips (The Netherlands), and many others. Gorfinkel was the author of over 200 articles in scientific journals, and held numerous Russian, USSR, and US patents.

Until his last days, Gorfinkel was busy implementing promising developments at the forefront of display technology. His passing is a heavy loss for the electronics industry as well for his relatives, colleagues, and friends.