Solar-Tectic Receives Patent for Thin-Film Solar Cell & OLED Technology

2/5/2016 9:29 AM 

Briarcliff Manor, NY; January, 2016. Solar-Tectic LLC, a thin-film specialist with a primary focus on developing patented technologies for single crystal or highly textured semiconductor films on glass or metal tapes, recently announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has allowed a patent for hybrid organic/inorganic thin-film growth on inexpensive substrates, such as flexible and ordinary soda-lime glass.  The technology was invented by Ashok Chaudhari and is based on the work of the late Dr. Praveen Chaudhari, winner of the 1995 U.S. Medal of Technology. It has applications in various industries such as solar, displays, and OLEDs and OLETs (Organic Light Emitting Diodes and Transistors).

US patent (14/571,800), titled "Hybrid organic/inorganic eutectic solar cell," discloses a unique growth technique that for the first time allows for low temperature deposition of exceptionally high quality polymer/inorganic semiconductor films from a variety of materials such as silicon, and germanium on inexpensive substrates.

According to Solar-Tectic, this cost-effective thin-film growth process is well suited for large-scale industrial applications using common deposition processes, such as e-beam, CVD, etc, and is ideal technology for displays used in smartphones, computers, and televisions.

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