Apple Readies 3 Phones for Fall Announcement

8/17/2017 11:32 AM 

A variety of sources, including Forbes and CNet, have announced with near certainty that Apple will reveal new smartphones in the usual September timeframe  in the usual set of three. There will be two LCD models (upgrades to the 7 series) and one OLED (the iPhone 8), marking Apple’s first phone based on the emissive technology. Sources also say that while the LCD models will be quickly available, there may be a delay of several months for the OLED device.

Alongside this information exists a swirl of rumors about features that will or will not be included – touch ID, facial ID, virtual home button, astronomical price tag, fast charging, new colors, old colors, etc. So while we do know there will be new phones announced in September, and that one of them will almost certainly be an OLED phone, we’ll have to wait for the reveal to find out more. 

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