Delta Debuts World's Largest Circular Lantern

2/19/2013 1:14 PM 

Taiwan; February 2013. On February 22, 2013, Delta Electronics Foundation will present the world's largest outdoor circular lantern, named the "Ring of Celestial Bliss," as part of the 2013 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Hsinchu County.

The 70-meter-wide, 10-meter-high lantern features an energy-saving implementation of high-definition projection technology, culture, art, and LED lighting, all designed to promote Delta's concept of sustainability. It features 15 sets of 20,000- and 30,000-lumen high-definition projectors with more than 12 million pixels. The lantern is made of carbon steel, 90% of which can be recycled. Wall and flooring are made of bamboo; the inner screen is made from recycled PET plastic. All construction materials will be recycled and reused after the festival.

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