Foxconn Will Build Factory in Harrisburg, PA

12/19/2013 9:26 AM 

Foxconn Technology Group, the Taiwan-based company that makes Apple's iPhone 5s, among other consumer electronics, is planning to spend $30 million on a manufacturing facility in Harrisburg, PA, according to a recent Bloomberg News report. The new facility will employ approximately 500 people. To put that in perspective, note these statistics from a recent Wall Street Journal article: Foxconn currently employs 1 million workers in China, and has at times operated as many as 100 production lines around the clock at its plant in Zhengzhou. The company has approximately 300,000 workers at the Zhengzhou facility, which is dedicated to making the 5s.

According to the Bloomberg report, the Harrisburg plant is part of Foxconn's strategy to move more manufacturing to the US as demand increases for domestic products. Bloomberg quoted Foxconn chairman Terry Gou as saying the company wants to be part of the manufacturing "renaissance" in the U.S.

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