11/6/2017 1:01 PM
As usual, Apple announced a new line of smartphones in September, including its first-ever OLED-based unit. The phone’s $999 price tag breaks new ground in terms of smartphone pricing, but the price has not deterred early buyers. The iPhone X went on sale Friday, November 3, and sold out in many major cities in less than 24 hours.

 The phone features a. 5.8-in. screen with almost no bezel, except for a notch housing sensors, cameras, speakers, etc. at the top of the display. This notch has been variously described as a bug or a feature. Since it is theoretically possible to incorporate the sensors into the bezel, as other manufacturers have done, some reviewers surmise that the notch may be an intentional design meant to replace the circular home button (now gone) in visually differentiating the iPhone from other devices.

The OLED display, which Apple calls Super Retina HD,...
11/3/2017 8:02 AM
Blackboard is a new writing device from Kent Displays (maker of the Boogie Board) that is based on the company’s new Liquid Crystal Paper technology.

Like the LCD-based Boogie Board, Blackboard is an easy-to-use tablet that writes and erases electronically. It’s designed for creating notes, lists, sketches, and other ephemeral-type content (although the content can be saved).

11/2/2017 9:35 AM
Synaptics, a leading developer of human interface systems, recently announced its new VideoSmart BG5CT multimedia 4K Advanced HDR video processor for the global set-top-box market. The VideoSmart BG5CT is the company’s sixth-generation video processor technology and part of the multimedia portfolio recently acquired from Marvell. (Synaptics completed the acquisition of Marvell’s Multimedia Solutions Business in September 2017.)

The BG5CT is pin compatible with the previous-generation Android TV SoC (BG4CT) and offers key feature upgrades including advanced...
8/17/2017 12:25 PM

Gamma Scientific’s new GS-1160B spectroradiometer is a compact industrial (benchtop) spectroradiometer/flicker meter designed for fast, accurate, and repeatable display measurements. It features an extensive suite of analysis capabilities for display designers, manufacturers, and engineers in a lightweight package. The instrument is about the size of a mobile phone (204 mm x 90 mm x 45 mm), weighs 620 grams, and is suitable for color and intensity measurement of all display types including LCD, LED, OLED, and quantum dot.

The GS-1160 delivers key display measurement capabilities for color chromaticity, gamma, white balance adjustment, contrast, flicker (VESA and JEITA), and uniformity. Its luminance measurement range is from 0.05 to 5,000 cd/m2, with CIE 1931 and CIE 1976  color chromaticity output, and fast integration time down to 100 µsec.

7/31/2017 11:56 AM
Samsung Electronics America recently expanded its gaming portfolio with the ultra-wide, 49-in. CHG90 display and the 27- and 32-in. CHG70 monitors.

The CHG90 and CHG70 displays feature high-dynamic-range (HDR) picture enhancement technology that has until recently been reserved for televisions and large-format displays. They are designed to show games as developers intended them to be seen, dramatically improving picture quality and gameplay with crisper colors and sharper contrast.

The new monitors all leverage Samsung’s “QLED” quantum-dot technology, which supports 125 percent of the sRGB color space and 95 percent of the DCI-P3 color space, for a wide range of accurate color reproduction — especially dark reds and greens — that stay crisp and clear even in bright light.

To enhance gameplay visuals further, the CHG70 joins the CHG90 as the industry’s first gaming...
7/31/2017 11:53 AM
Canadian company QuirkLogic recently announced that its digital whiteboard product, which it describes as “a real-time ideation solution,” would be available to the general public in mid-summer. The E Ink-based device, Quilla, enables remote workers and teams in multiple locations to create and collaborate by formulating, capturing, and sharing content in real time.

Quilla was announced in January 2017 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Los Vegas, where it earned awards from both ZDNet and TechCrunch. Core to the product are its E Ink electronic paper display (EPD) and electronic ink technologies, which provide a simple, familiar interface for brainstorming...
7/31/2017 11:49 AM
E Ink recently announced the launch of seven new colors for E Ink Prism, its color-changing film for architecture and design. E Ink Prism utilizes the same bi-stable ink technology used in e-readers, wearables, and shelf labels, but includes color pigments in larger size films for use in architecture and design.

The colors are named, somewhat whimsically, voyage (dark blue), daydream (cyan), blush (red), sprout (green), zest (yellow), harvest (brown), and waltz (black). While this isn’t the technology that will bring us the color e-reader of our dreams, it can be custom programmed to create striking signage that switches colors in nearly any pattern, shape, and sequence

E Ink describes the product as having a paint-like appearance and stresses its compatibility and customization readiness with materials such as decorative panels, glass, marker boards, and laminates.


6/6/2017 2:53 PM

Instrument Systems recently previewed its new CAS 140D spectroradiometer, the fourth generation of the company’s CAS series. The CAS 140D has improved optical and mechanical construction and is smaller and simpler to integrate into existing measurement environments than its predecssors. It also has a changeable interface between the spectrometer and control computer. 

4/11/2017 6:33 AM

LCDTERM’s new programming-free LCD user interface (UI) uses a 3-button keyboard for seamless and code-free integration onto any embedded platform, eliminating the need for developers to write software to control the display. The LCDTERM interface includes all control firmware on-board, utilizes a speedy ARM M0 processor, and comes with a free application programming interface (API).  Included fonts and user-defined bitmaps allow for addition of 64K color displays to any embedded system. Display sizes include 1.77, 2.8, and 5 inches. 

12/15/2016 9:01 AM
Volanti Displays, a maker of LCD-based touch-screen monitors, table displays, and video walls and other large-format displays, has announced the availability of an interactive 4K collaboration display that usesTrello collaboration software and Cnverg’s whiteboard application.  Using Trello and Cnverg, customers can now leverage Volanti's 42-, 55-, 65-, 84-, and 98-in. touchscreen displays with expanded capabilities for collaborative group planning and scheduling in the work environment.

Used together with Microsoft Windows 10 and the Edge browser, users can interact with Trello and discuss as well as annotate Cnverg Trello screens...