DISPLAX Interactive Systems Intros Skin Multitouch 2.0

10/4/2012 11:17 AM 

The DISPLAX Skin Multitouch product includes a controller and a transparent and flexible thinner-than-paper polymer foil that can be applied to nonconductive surfaces to give them multitouch capability. This makes it possible to turn any large display into a large tablet-like device.

The new version includes substantial changes to both the controller and the polymer foil sensor. The controller now has a faster speed recognition method, a 5 times higher signal-to-noise ratio, and a unique new noise filtering technology, XTR-Shield. The polymer foil sensor has been redesigned with even smaller borders outside the active area, making it possible to design displays that are totally flat and nearly all active area.

Skin Multitouch's 2.0 new noise filtering technology brings the finger and the display closer, solving a key weakness of projected capacitive technology in large-format sensors. An additional benefit is that the gap between sensor and display is minimized. The improved signal-to-noise ratio results in an enhanced, smooth, and precise touch experience.

DISPLAX will be available in 6- and 12-touchpoint versions in sizes from 30 in. to 100 in.