Display Solution AG Offers Ultra-Wide TFT Displays

9/16/2016 5:57 AM 

Display Solution AG, a leading developer and marketer of LCDs, is now offering space-saving TFT displays in bar-type, ultra-wide stretched formats.

Ultra-wide stretched panels in sizes smaller than 10 inches used to be available only as custom TFT products. Display Solution AG now offers a 3.9-in. version, with dimensions of 105.5 x 40.64 x 2,95mm and a resolution of 480 x 128, and a 7.84 in. version, with dimensions of 203.48 x 70,60 x 4,6mm and a resolution of 1280 x 480. Both are produced using in-plane switching (IPS). They offer an extremely wide viewing angle, and can be used in both portrait and landscape modes.

Target applications for the new panels are home appliances, vending machines, and numerous handheld devices. The displays are available in sunlight-readable format or with P-cap touch capability for control panel applications.