AGC Releases Newest Chemically Strengthened Glass

9/16/2016 6:32 AM 

Asahi Glass Company (AGC), a world-leading manufacturer of glass, chemicals and high-tech materials, recently announced a new, stronger lineup of its Dragontrail series of chemically strengthened glass. Dragontrail is used in smartphones and tablets. Dragontrail Pro, the new line, features a rounded edge with improved strength, and will enable a wide range of more stylishly designed smartphones.

Often, when such a device is dropped, both the glass surface and the rounded glass edge sustain a direct impact, resulting in cracks and scratches. Edge impacts in particular are problematic, due to the composition of the glass. Thus, manufacturers have worked toward developing cover glass that can survive this kind of impact.

According to AGC, the new glass improves edge strength by 30 percent compared to the previous version of Dragontrail. By adopting Dragontrail Pro and designing it into their products, manufacturers should be able to offer consumers mobile devices with screens that deliver greatly improved robustness and protection.