E Ink introduces New Prism Colors

7/31/2017 11:49 AM 

E Ink recently announced the launch of seven new colors for E Ink Prism, its color-changing film for architecture and design. E Ink Prism utilizes the same bi-stable ink technology used in e-readers, wearables, and shelf labels, but includes color pigments in larger size films for use in architecture and design.

The colors are named, somewhat whimsically, voyage (dark blue), daydream (cyan), blush (red), sprout (green), zest (yellow), harvest (brown), and waltz (black). While this isn’t the technology that will bring us the color e-reader of our dreams, it can be custom programmed to create striking signage that switches colors in nearly any pattern, shape, and sequence

E Ink describes the product as having a paint-like appearance and stresses its compatibility and customization readiness with materials such as decorative panels, glass, marker boards, and laminates.