Synaptics Launches New 4K HDR Multimedia Video Processor

11/2/2017 9:35 AM 

Synaptics, a leading developer of human interface systems, recently announced its new VideoSmart BG5CT multimedia 4K Advanced HDR video processor for the global set-top-box market. The VideoSmart BG5CT is the company’s sixth-generation video processor technology and part of the multimedia portfolio recently acquired from Marvell. (Synaptics completed the acquisition of Marvell’s Multimedia Solutions Business in September 2017.)

The BG5CT is pin compatible with the previous-generation Android TV SoC (BG4CT) and offers key feature upgrades including advanced HDR and superior performance. The BG5CT integrates a 1.6GHz 15K DMIPs Quad Core ARM CPU, 2.8 GPixel per second GPU, carrier-grade security, and state-of-the-art power management techniques, all designed to enable pay TV operators and set-top-box manufacturers to cost-effectively deliver revenue generating entertainment and gaming services to their subscribers.