Kent Displays Announces New Blackboard Boogie Board

11/3/2017 8:02 AM 

Blackboard is a new writing device from Kent Displays (maker of the Boogie Board) that is based on the company’s new Liquid Crystal Paper technology.

Like the LCD-based Boogie Board, Blackboard is an easy-to-use tablet that writes and erases electronically. It’s designed for creating notes, lists, sketches, and other ephemeral-type content (although the content can be saved).

According to its maker, Blackboard creates an extremely comfortable and natural paper-like writing experience without lags or delays. The new product features an 8.5-in. x 11-in. semi-transparent writing surface that allows writers to electronically write on any document, photo, map, or even digital screens – making it suitable for collaborative editing, designing floor plans, tracing, planning, and writing over templates. Several templates are included with Blackboard, including lines and grids.

Like earlier Boogie Boards, the product’s entire writing surface can be cleared at once, but a new feature, a pencil-like erasing tool, allows specific sections of the content to be erased. For work that needs to be saved, a free Blackboard mobile app allows writers to capture, save, organize, search, and share. The product operates on a replaceable 5-year button-cell battery, so requires no charging.