CYNORA Presents Latest Blue Emitters at Display Week

5/31/2018 5:06 PM 


It is generally thought that in order for large OLED panels to reach their full potential, they need high-efficiency blue OLED emitters to reduce power consumption and increase display resolution. CYNORA, a German company that was founded 10 years ago to develop thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) technology for OLED, presented its latest high-efficiency blue emitters at Display Week in Los Angeles last May.

“CYNORA has made tremendous progress on blue TADF emitters again. Since our last presentation at SID in 2017, we have achieved the requested performance on efficiency and color point,” says Thomas Baumann, CYNORA’s CSO, “We have now put all of our focus on lifetime, where we are in the final development stage.”

It might be tempting to dismiss the company’s technology as something that will never find its commercial feet, but last fall, major panel makers (and rivals) LG Display and Samsung invested 25 in CYNORA, imbuing the company with both cash and increased credibility. “We are working very closely with our investors, LG Display and Samsung Display, for this final phase of our material development”, says Andreas Haldi, Chief Marketing Officer at CYNORA.