OLED Displays with Pins

10/15/2018 8:49 AM 

Electronic Assembly has developed what it describes as the world’s first OLED display family  with connector pins for easy plug-in mounting. These high-contrast OLED displays can be soldered directly or plugged into socket strips, eliminating the need for gluing procedures or special mounting devices.

The displays feature a flat design (typically 2.4 mm), wide viewing angles (up to 170°), high contrast (2,000:1), fast response times (typically 10 µs), and a high overall luminance (100 cd/m2). The company says that these features, together with an extended temperature range (-40 to +80°C) and a long service life (at least 50,0000 hours), makes the displays particularly suitable for mounting in mobile handheld devices for robust outdoor use.