The Looking Glass Is Developing a New Holographic Display

10/15/2018 8:54 AM 


Still in Kickstarter campaign mode but due to start shipping product soon (according to its maker) is The Looking Glass from Looking Glass Factory. Its inventor describes it as “A Holographic Display for 3D Creaters“ and it is designed to be used by people working in 3D content creation programs such as Maya, ZBrush, and SolidWorks. The display involves a patent-pending combination of lightfield and volumetric display technologies in one three-dimensional display system.  It is designed to provide 45 unique simultaneous views of a virtual scene, as captured at 60 frames per second.

According to a recent article in The Verge, The Looking Glass will be available at $600 for an 8.9-in. model and $3,000 for a 15.9-in. model. The first 100 units are supposed to ship in the second half of 2018.